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Hire skillful candidates efficiently with SkillCounty’s pre-employment tests.

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Hire the Best

Use SkillCounty’s newest generation of pre-employment tools used and trusted by employers.
Predict the performance of the candidate with expert crafted skill and psychometric tests to gauge skills
and team & culture fit so you can focus on candidates who are more likely to perform well on the job.

No more fake resumes

Be the HR hero revolutionizing the company hiring process with an assessment platform that puts an end to fake resumes and subpar interviews. Use our assessment tests to laser focus only on the high quality candidates.

Scale @ Incredible Value

Our platform is made for scale. Conduct proctored assessments and interviews online for hundreds of candidates simultaneously at a price point that is affordable for businesses of any size

Hire Faster

Our expert crafted Assessment Marketplace & Question Library ranges across a broad collection of subjects and skills. You don't have to think, just pick our questions & tests to create an assessment that brings you high quality candidates.

Bias Free Hiring

Successful companies prefer diverse teams, however, unconscious biases (e.g. race, gender, nationality, age or religion bias) can negatively impact the hiring process. Our platform is designed to mitigate these biases & make hiring impartial.

Designed to capture and measure the candidate’s
knowledge and fit

Be the visionary who updates the company’s recruiting process with a pre-employment assessment platform that puts an end
to fake resumes and sub-power interviews. As the first step in your hiring pipeline, evaluate the candidates' skills and fit using our assessment tests.
Then focus only on the candidates who meet your bar and save precious time, energy and $$$ for you entire organization.