What if you go for a job interview without an interviewer? I think I would be a bit less anxious when it’s just me, a computer, and a webcam. It sounded a bit futuristic when I first heard about the idea. There are pros and cons to everything. But, are you up for it?

What is a one-way interview?

The interview method we just discussed in the introduction is a ”one-way interview”. A one-way interview is a pre-screening flexible interaction that an employer can use for screening candidates in the hiring pipeline.

Why is a one-way interview better?

  •  Do you want to know the best part of the one-way interview? The way it speeds up the hiring process. Screening candidates gets more effective.
  • A pre-recorded interview lets the recruiter dive into the candidates skillset. 
  • Well, I feel relieved as this de-stresses the interview process for me. Candidates can be more relieved and concentrate on what is essential.
  • The one-way interview makes it easier for the hiring team to easily move forward using structured interviews.
  • In general, video interviews lets recruiters connect with remote candidates.

How can you ace a one-way interview?

  • Double-check your microphone and webcam to make sure you wont have technology fail. If you do not have a computer, you can use a smartphone, but take care of the camera and microphone—Double-check with the recruiter about using a smartphone.
  • Read the instructions carefully. Your recruiter needs to know that you work attentively. Also, following the instructions would help you understand how to get through the interview and ace it.
  • As you are not interacting with a person, ignore yourself and take care of what you say. Be aware while you record your answers. Meet the employer’s deadline and give your best effort.
  • There are questions that you answer better than the others. And, it’s okay. You may mess up specific questions. Please do not mess up the whole interview because of the two unknown questions. Pause and start over. 
  • Practice before a mirror before going for the interview. Try to be confident.

The world is changing fast. It’s hard to keep up. But, being open-minded and accepting are the two ways to get through the changes. If you are looking for an opportunity, we can help you out. Even recruiters looking forward to the hiring fit need a user-friendly portal. Check out SkillCounty.

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