Hiring candidates with “soft skills” is growing as a trend. Companies realize that they need print who fit in well. A survey from West Monroe Partners, a consultancy in Chicago, revealed that nearly all (98%) human resources leaders agree that soft skills are essential for technology hires.

Soft skills such as creativity, project management, and other social or emotional skills are not fundamental in technology. What skills do companies want?

Designed by Ankita Oberoi.
  • Passion for growth.

Technology keeps evolving. The only constant thing in the world is change. So, we need to keep changing. Without growing, we can not adapt. Evolution is a gradual development of an individual. Even if we think that we are the best in our field, there is always a chance to get better. And so, companies value people who are open to the idea of evolution.

  • Verbal and communication skills.

To be a good fit in a team, you need to be good with communication. Even if the job is technical, the company looks for people who know how to express themselves clearly. Companies need individuals who are confident while engaging in emails, phone calls, or face-to-face conversations.

  • Ability to dive in.

When you’re working in a big company, it would probably be fast-paced. And you would need to keep up. You may not get the time for training. As the company looks for candidates who can easily fit in well with the team, understand new cultures and systems, the employees should quickly adapt. 

  • Emotional intelligence.

Companies not only look for tech-smart but also someone who’s in general smart. No matter what your job is, Companies would always appreciate smart work.

  • Teamwork.

A diverse team of people contributing to unique ideas helps businesses to thrive. Teamwork solves problems. Fitting in well with your team expands your chances of coming up with creative ways of doing things.

Soft skills are essential in every field. A good team can help a business build an empire, while a bad team can make success look like failures. Both companies and the employees need to understand the importance of being on board and work together.

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