Should I be applying as an intern for a startup or a big company? Is that on your mind currently? The name of a big company can make your resume look a bit more attractive. But, then what are the advantages of working as an intern in a startup company? Let’s discuss five reasons why you should consider interning in a startup.

Top 5 reasons why you should consider interning in a startup.

  • You will learn how organizations work.

Working as an intern in a big company often limits the exposure to the business functions. You would only work in your area. Startups have smaller teams. You will be able to be in the middle of pretty much all business functions. It is not only exciting, but you would also learn a lot more than you thought you would.

  • You’ll get better feedback.

By better feedbacks, I don’t mean you’d be getting positive feedbacks only. But, as you work closely with your senior colleagues, it’ll be easier to get more feedback and improve in those areas. Your seniors are more likely to help you grow. It will be a close-knit team. And if you are someone who loves to experiment with what they are good at, get going.

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  • You’ll have the chance to interact with employees from other fields too.

You can meet a lot of people. In a startup, there would be many more people who’d be welcoming to help to learn than in a big company. They would be looking forward to interacting with you. You can learn to work in harmony and grow while you do what you are good at.

  • You will have more responsibilities.

Want to explore more and get out of your comfort zone? The startups would provide you with the benefit of working on real projects and in multiple areas. Get ready to be an impressive multi-tasker as you learn how to brainstorm and think of creative ideas. 

  • You might have a better chance to secure the internship.

Finally, the competition would be high when you apply for an internship in a big company. And mostly, it isn’t even worth it. You are just an employee in a company, while a part of their small team in a startup.

Internships are a way for you to learn about the industry. As I have already mentioned, interning in a giant company gives you limited exposure to how the business functions. If simplicity and integrity are what you are looking for, startups are the right option for you.

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