“Youths are the lifeblood of any nation.”

― Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

The greatest assets to a nation are its youth. Let us take a brief look at the future of our country and how it is doing. We all know about the state of unemployment and its numbers. It is depressing and yet real. But what is the placement trap?

To understand the hard truth about unemployment, we need to understand the placement trap. Down below are blogs to help you get an idea of what the ‘placement trap’ is:

1. The Placement Trap: Students share the bitter truth about job drives


The blog narrates students’ stories and their ugly experiences with the ‘Placement Trap.’ Here, we can discuss two of them.

It kicks off with the story of Sandip Roy, a student of a private engineering institute in Kolkata. He narrates his struggles to get placed and the days of protest against supposedly “fake” placement figures. The students believed in the college’s promise of “87.5% placement”, only to realize that it was merely a myth.

Supriya Singh, a private university student in Greater Noida, was promised a “100% placement policy” by her college. Soon, she faced the truth. They used the percentage to cover up the policies of the placements. Though it guaranteed 100% placement, not all were allowed to join. I loved the transparency of the blog.

2. The truth about campus placements.


The blog revolves around the corners to help us find the answer to ‘Why most Engineers are unemployable now?’ People used to count on Engineering as a career option, while now that ends on a note of despair.

It unfolds the real reason behind this issue. Are there not enough opportunities? Well, is that the only reason why? The numbers in this blogpost reflect both the present state of employment in our country and the unemployed students’ quality and quantity. Students even lack the basic industry-related knowledge, thus the unemployment.

This blog sheds light on something we can individually work on, trying to master the skills and acquire the right kind of knowledge. 

3. Campus placements: Students have no choice?


This blog by The Hindu particularly sets the scenario of students waiting outside offices for campus recruitment. We can summarise the blog in a quote from itself, “With the placement scenario increasingly governed by unspoken alliances between companies and colleges, the freedom of a student to pick a company from a basket of choices could be under threat.”

The blog is informative and exciting. The straightforward layout makes it graspable as well.

4. The shocking reality about placement scenarios in colleges and universities of India.


This blog provides statistically analyzed data for unemployable candidates from different fields of study, like Management and Engineering. I prefer this blog over most others on the same topic because of its focus on facts and sources.

5. 7 common mistakes made by students from experts at leading B-schools.


Now that you went through the blogs that I have mentioned above, I know it’s depressing. What about giving your best shot, though? 

This blog helps us get a review from experts of leading B-schools of the country. It helps us give our best and get an idea about what to do and what not to.

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