With globalization, one of the most valuable traits of an employee is speaking multiple languages. It will help you to market your foreign language skills. The section on your resume showcasing your foreign language skills can help you be the most appealing candidate.

Knowing an additional language can help you with the improvement of other business skills. Research shows that multilingual people are more creative and are better at solving problems. They can multitask too. It increases your confidence that adds to your elegance. Above all, you can easily land a job as a translator if you know multiple languages.

Designed by Ankita Oberoi.

The foreign language that can help you in your career:

  • Mandarin.

After English, the most spoken language is Mandarin. Knowing Mandarin would help you compete in the global economy of the future. Chinese is one of the most challenging languages to learn. 

Learning Mandarin can give you a competitive edge when applying for any job. Thus, this language benefits the professional aspects of your life. It also helps to gain a better understanding of one of the richest cultures in the world.

  • French.

French is the most popular Foreign language that you can learn in India. French is a part of many school and college curriculum. Many students learn French, especially in the capital city of India. Everyone knows about the career benefits of French as many MNCs use French as their working language. 

Apart from learning for career benefits, French is a beautiful language to learn. It is known as the language of love. The analytical side of the language helps to develop a critical thought process.

  • Spanish.

The Spanish language is the third most popular language to learn in India. There can be several career options to choose from. Some of them are Travel and Tourism, Foreign service, translation, interpretation, teaching, etc.

There is a growing business relationship between India with the Hispanic countries. There is a massive craze for Spanish football, music, and movies. These can add to your reasons why you should learn Spanish.

  • Japanese.

Demand for the Japanese language is high mainly due to the growing India-Japan relations. The Japanese companies are expanding their operations in India. Japan is known for its technologically advanced products. So, Japanese is one of the most popular choices considered while choosing a language to learn. Being challenging to learn, landing a job with Japanese speaking applicant is less competitive.

  • Korean.

South Korea has a robustly growing economy. It is the 7th largest export economy in the world. Many international companies need specialists in the Korean language, such as Samsung, LG, Kia, Hyundai, Lotte, etc. Learning Korean increases your potential possibilities to land a job both in the Korean companies and the companies that deal with business in Korea 

With the Hallyu wave hitting is hard, who does not know about K-pop, K-dramas, or the K-movies? If you are already in love with K-pop or K-dramas, you want to visit Korea in this lifetime. Also, understanding the deep lyrics in a k-pop song must feel like a dream.

With globalization, learning a foreign language is vital. This is the golden age of the internet. If you know something, your knowledge would never get wasted. You can work from home as a translator too. If you love traveling, learning an extra language is a hobby that you must inculcate.

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