Over 80% of the fortune 500 companies use assessment tools as part of their hiring process. Pre-employment assessments tools save anywhere between 30-70% of the per head hiring costs and significantly help reduce bad hiring decisions.

In large scale markets like India and highly technical roles like that of software development or accounting, it is nearly impossible to get by without using these tools. These tools help companies gather objective data about the skillset of the candidates, and take data backed decisions on which candidates to shortlist for further interviews. Such tools are of different types, and can test candidates on the strength of hard skills, soft skills, culture/team fit etc.

In the table below, we are comparing and contrasting two popular tools – HackerRank and SkillCounty to help you decide on which one to use.

Note: Screening tests, hiring tests, pre-hiring tests, employment tests or pre-employment tests literally mean the same thing. So in the article these terms are being used interchangeably.




What's Unique?

Wide variety of question types and job roles covered

Large developer community (3M+), primarily students/ fresh grads

Pricing Plans

Flat $50 per month for unlimited candidates and tests

Individual Platform Plan- 299$/month
Team Platform Plan- 749$ / month
(billed for 4 months)

Pricing for 100 Candidates per month


(Will require a enterprise plan)

Coding tests

Coding Interviews

Aptitude Tests

Domain Tests or Skill based tests

Only for software development roles

Psychometric Tests


Questions of Multiple Levels ( Easy, Medium, Hard)

Question type: MCQ / MSQ/ True or False

Question type: Case Study or Passage Based


Question type: Ranking or sorting based


Question type: Audio / Video questions for one way interviews,Async-Video Interviews


Question type: Subjective or open ended.
Allow file uploads.

Plagiarism or cheating detection

Scheduled Tests: Start test for all candidates at same time


Shuffle questions in tests

Custom Questions, Tests & Library

Draft & Published Test version seperation

Expert curated test & question library

Invite candidates with public URL & Email Ids

No public URL invitation

Share Test Report

1-Click Shortlisting & Reporting


Conduct Live Interviews

Support via Phone, Email

Primarily for enterprise customers

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