Campus recruitment has always been a favorite with recruiters and companies alike. It is a great way to source, engage, and hire young and eager talent for the company. These candidates fill intern and entry-level positions. Once selected candidates join the company and then are carefully groomed to be the next generation of leaders.

Every company puts a lot of thought, energy, and consequently, money into campus recruiting. So, to ensure that the future of the company is in the right hands.

Challenges in Campus Recruiting

The university is a cradle of talent. Often, it becomes a battlefield for companies looking to hire the best available talent. With its lengthy process, campus recruitment is dotted with challenges at each and every stage.

Lack of Brand Awareness to attract Talent

In a sea of companies battling to hire the right talent, leveraging and creating brand awareness is critical.

According to a research study, 55% of organizations find it difficult to attract younger talent for their vacancies. In such a scenario, the hiring process represents a key opportunity for a company to brand itself as a top employer and a desirable place to work for graduates who are looking for their first “career job”.

Even a fortune 500 with a poor recruiting experience will make candidates rethink the opportunity.

Insufficient hiring signal in resumes & CGPA

CGPA is not the best indicator of success on the job. And, resumes are often misleading. In fact, according to a survey, 63% of surveyed recruiters regularly came across falsified resumes. These companies are on campus for a limited time and can’t shortlist the best-fit candidates for face-to-face interviews. 

Time-consuming process

Traditional methods are time-consuming and require more personnel as recruiters and interviewers. According to research, nearly one-third of the companies do not have dedicated staff as the campus recruiters. This leads to missing out on the opportunity of hiring the right talent.

Hiring at Scale

Every college has a large percentage of students graduating each year, who might be interested and suitable for the firm. It becomes a hectic task to schedule interviews with all candidates. It creates a challenge for the company to create an effective hiring pipeline.

An effective hiring pipeline can ensure that the right candidates are shortlisted with minimal effort and within a short timeframe.

Geographically spread out

India has been witnessing a rise in the skilled population. Around 46.2 percent of students would be employable in 2022, as compared to 45.9 percent of students in 2021.

So even if say a firm is concentrating only in India, there are more than 45000 colleges and more than 1000 universities in India with more than 50,00,000 students graduating every year. A firm cannot reach out to these many institutions. Or to all the ones they are interested in, during the campus placement season.

How to solve these problems?

The pre-employment assessment tool is the solution to these problems. These tools help companies create tests for campus recruitment drives. The candidates give these tests and are then shortlisted for the next round of in-person interviews if they do well in the tests. It is a very simple and effective way to zero in on the best talent and hire with evidence with due focus on skills and capability. 

So now, choosing the right assessment tool becomes very crucial to the success of the organization during campus placements.

Not every pre-employment hiring tool can manage the scale of campus recruitment. So, try before deploying. 

Why use SkillCounty for Campus Recruitment?

Hiring at scale

SkillCounty allows candidates from distant locations to apply for jobs and appear for the initial round of testing and conduct an assessment of 100s of candidates simultaneously. 

Remote hiring

You can now hire candidates without ever leaving your office. Skillcounty is a cloud-based SAAS platform, so you use it from anywhere – all you need is a browser. You can even widen your reach as now, candidates can apply from distant locations. So, now you can recruit from more colleges than ever before.

Create a Test in under 2 minutes

SkillCounty comes with a large library of questions and tests. So whatever the role you are looking to fill, you can create a suitable pre-hiring assessment or test within minutes using the library.

Wide variety of question types

The assessment test can include MCQ, MSQ, Open-ended, Passage based, File upload-based, ranking-based, Audio-based, Video-based, and coding questions.

Coding test and interview

According to a survey conducted by Indeed, it was found that 86% of hiring managers and recruiters believe that it is challenging to find and hire software engineers. So, to curb the problem SkillCounty offers coding tests/interviews. These are the easiest and the most accurate way to assess engineers.

Phone-ready test-taking experience

For most tests, test takers can even use their phones to the test. This eliminates the need for a computer or laptop and demands less time on part of a candidate.

Curates a great hiring experience

According to a survey, 53% of organizations fail to manage a smooth logistics and end-to-end process of campus recruitments. Using great hiring tools sets a company from the crowd as an innovative, high-tech, desirable work environment. It creates a positive experience for a candidate and positively affects the company’s image.

Bulk Invite the candidates

SkillCounty saves you from the hassle of creating personalized URLs for each candidate. Instead, you can invite multiple candidates at once to take the assessment test by sending them invitations via email or just sending the link to the assessment.

Access results in real-time

SkillCounty creates detailed scorecards as soon as a candidate finishes the assessment test so that you can send the candidate to further rounds without any delay. These scorecards give you a detailed insight into a candidate’s performance in each section.

Asynchronous or one-way interview

One-way interviews are an easy and efficient way to gauge the skills, confidence, and communication skills of candidates in one shot. These interviews are asynchronous in nature and as a result, save companies a lot of time. Evaluators/interviewers can ascertain whether they want to review the whole assessment or move on.

24×7 Recruitment Partner

Being a cloud-based SAAS platform, SkillCounty allows candidates to enter relevant details and appear for the assessment at any time without any manual intervention.

Proctoring and plagiarism

SkillCounty provides rich proctoring features so that recruiters can conduct a smooth campus drive. The AI system monitors all the activities of a candidate during the test. These activities are reflected in the test report, so it is easy to detect plagiarism and cheating.

Bias free hiring

To ensure a diverse and inclusive work environment, the first step is to hire the right people with the right talent. The best way is to set up a completely fair and objective assessment that helps you to reach out to the larger audience with a positive image of your brand.

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