While the left side of the brain controls logic, reasoning, and language, the right controls creativity, emotions, and motivation. We can even find out who are dominantly right or left-brained people. 

Left brain jobs typically would be science, math, technology, they tend to be a bit higher paid and the right-brained ones include jobs like theatre, literature, and arts. The power to create and innovate comes to the right-brained thinkers as a blessing.

How much of it is a fact? While there’s not enough proof to prove this as a fact, the lack of evidence for the opposite argument does not let us deny the whole idea. The authors, thus, concluded that this idea is more of a figure of speech than an accurate fact. 

Though I have found some people being a bit more inclined to arts and creativity and some to logic and science, there is no proof for the “sidedness” of the brain. This idea is not as evident as the left-handed and right-handed ones.

Designed by Ankita Oberoi.

Jobs for Right-brained thinkers (according to the idea)

  • Designers (Graphic designers, Interior designers, etc.)
  • Artists (poets, writers, fine artists, songwriters, producers, directors, etc.)
  • Counselor or Psychologist

(They are empathetic)

  • Managers

(Can make good leaders)

  • Marketers and strategists

(Are creative and can come up with innovative ideas)

  • Content creators

(Can create innovative content)

Jobs for left-brained people-

  • Lawyers
  • Scientists
  • Mathematicians
  • Research Analysts
  • Doctors
  • Engineering
  • Accounting

While many articles sided with the idea, some articles try to be a bit more transparent. Going through each one of them gives us a perspective. While there’s a lack of proof for either side, we can not deny the possibilities.

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