We may have applied for a lot of jobs and have been waiting. It sometimes seems as if all the applications have disappeared into the hole of the internet. Getting an interview from your favorite company is already hard. Writing a ‘bad’ resume reduces the chances and makes it worse. How do you write a perfect resume?

Designed by Ankita Oberoi.

Five resume mistakes we should avoid-

1. Typos and grammatical mistakes-

It’s your resume and your chance of leaving the best experience. The employers would, of course, read between the lines. The resume needs to be grammatically correct. You do not want your reader to think that you cannot write or do not care about the job.

2. Writing too long or too short resumes-

I know, people say, resumes should be shorter. But, that does not mean you can squeeze the experience into one page. Don’t cut things short. Again, going on too long and sending a 5-page resume is also unacceptable. A professional knows when to stop.

3. Bad summary-

A career summary is the most crucial part. You can not lose your readers right at the beginning. You need to write an engaging overview to make the reader stay until the last. 

4. Visually playful.

Having a casual tone is fine, but using five different fonts will make your resume visually busy. It’s not attractive and often hard on the eyes. If you still want to experiment with different fonts, show the outline to other people before sending it across.

5. Incorrect contact information-

Double-check your resume. Writing the wrong contact number would make you lose opportunities. You may start getting the calls you’ve been expecting once you have the right contact number listed.

The resume can make it or break it for you. It is like the first impression that no one forgets. We should try to make it look professional yet casual and engaging.

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