In Feb 2021, SkillCounty, a startup in the Talent Acquisition and Development space,  launched the beta version of which is in essence “Twitter for Jobs in India”. is a phone messaging driven job portal to find & post jobs for free and connect candidates and recruiters directly via SMS. 

Job posts are limited to 250 characters, so candidates & recruiters focus on what is important. And this focused & optimized content gets shared with interested candidates who are identified using a sophisticated algorithm that leverages AI (artificial intelligence).


Designed by Ankita Oberoi.

Registering on the portal is simple and straightforward: Just enter your phone number and confirm it via OTP. 

Alok Thuse, the CEO of SkillCounty, stated, “We believe, everyone should have baseline access to tools to manage, assess, and promote talent and opportunities. That is why ‘Simple and straightforward’ is the theme of, so that every Indian can use their phone to search for and post jobs.” 

Though a phone app is offered, there is no app download required, you can easily use your phone’s browser to access the portal and everything it has to offer. is optimized for phones but can run on any device.

Please email [email protected] to find out more, or you can Call/Message/Whatsapp 9321628535. 

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