In Feb 2021, SkillCounty, a startup in the Talent Acquisition and Development space, added three new features to their landing page: site-wide search, Company reviews, and College institute reviews. These features ensure a better experience for both recruiters and potential candidates.

Why did SkillCounty add these features?

Site-wide search: Finding relevant profiles, jobs, members, companies, etc., does not need endless surfing through every corner of the page anymore. You can find what you want with one click. You can search for anything just by using relevant keywords. Search for those keywords to make the process smoother. This feature helps to rank the results for your search based on your search’s relevance. For example, if you search for ‘Graphic Design,’ the most relevant results rank higher and thus come above. You can search using multiple keywords.

Designed by Ankita Oberoi.

Company reviews and College institute reviews:

When you open SkillCounty, at the top, you have three buttons, marked: Companies, Colleges, and Institutes, Blog

In case you want to check a companies reviews or review them, click on ‘companies,’ a menu drops down, and the first option is ‘listing and reviews.’ Click on the first option. In case you need to check the reviews or review a college or an institution, click on ‘College and Institutes‘, choose ‘listing and reviews’ from the drop-down menu. 

The listing and reviews option would direct you to the list. You can visit the company’s, the college’s or the institute’s website, check their reviews or review them. You can review based on six factors:

  • Recommend to a friend?
  • Institute culture.
  • Teaching Quality.
  • Teaching materials and Labs.
  • Cost of program.
  • Placements.

With the mission to “create an open job opportunity platform and help individuals cut through the noise to focus on what matters the most,” SkillCounty introduced these features to make your journey comfortable yet effective. Please email [email protected] to find out more, or you can Whatsapp 9321628535. 

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