SkillCounty presents the Universal Placement Portal for educational institutes after unprecedented interest from the market. 

It is a one-stop online brand promotion platform for placements that helps manage placement cell activities, such as maintaining students, alumni, company, and placement databases, communicating with the participants, and building and promoting the Institute’s brand online.


To help an educational institute and it’s placement cell:

  • Manage placement activities by providing a cloud-based software that includes features to maintain companies, students, alumni databases, network with companies, and post public or intra-institute announcements. It is like an online CRM(customer relationship management) software covering that covers companies and students and alumni with their placement records.
  • Promote their Institute’s brand to companies and potential students through our networking & messaging capabilities.

To help current students:

  • Discover potential jobs and internships listed on SkillCounty.
  • Get announcements from the Placement Cell of their Institute through the virtual noticeboard feature.

Institutes: How to get started?

  1. Sign up to SkillCounty. Select “placement team member” from a menu of roles: student, hiring manager, recruiter, placement team member.
  1. Create your Institute’s profile.
  1. Invite additional placement team members to the portal.
  1. Invite/network with your students, alumni, and companies. 

Existing Students: How to get started?

  1. Sign up for SkillCounty.
  1. Select “Student” from a menu of roles: student, hiring manager, recruiter, placement team member.
  1. Click on the link provided in your Institute’s placement team’s email to connect your SkillCounty account to your Institute’s page. If your Institute is on SkillCounty, you will receive this email. If you have not received this email yet, please reach out to your placement. 
  1. Read announcements from your Institute’s virtual notice board on SkillCounty.
  1. Explore jobs and internships on SkillCounty and network with companies and other SkillCounty members. You do not need to be connected to your Institute on SkillCounty for this.

Further details about features for Educational Institutes and their Placement Cells:

1. How to enhance your visibility? You have a section to add more details. This feature can make you stand out in the crowd.

2. A section to manage the student database.

3. A section to add or invite students.

4. A section to add students to the placement database.

5. You can post notifications!

6. Add team members to collaborate with you.

7. Customer service to support you- We are here to help in case you need it. 

SkillCounty is a start-up in the talent acquisition and development space. It is a barrier-free talent-based platform that may turn out to be the right match for you now.

To help you know more about the features of the College Placement Portal, here’s the link:

Want to know about the release of the placement portal? Here’s the link to the PR statement:

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