Looking for the right job or an employee that fits right with the job is tiring. We need to make the ends meet to make it a bit easier. Job Portals do that for you. The right job can change a job seeker’s life; the right employee, on the other hand, especially in a startup, can change a company’s roadmap to success.

What is a job portal?

As the name suggests, job portals or career portals are online job boards that help candidates land a job and employers find the right fit for their team. You can advertise jobs and search for resumes as a recruiter. While for the job seekers, it helps them secure a job and complete their goals and requirements.

Why is a good job portal so important?

A job portal needs to be transparent enough to let you identify the natural talent. The Internet is like a global talent pool, and a job portal acts as a bridge between employers and job seekers. A good job portal should thus be user-friendly.

Paid job portals to help you with your journey:


LinkedIn is a paid job posting platform that helps you build your brand and increase your online visibility. A good profile does the job. However, it is not as easy as it seems. There are specific points to be careful about when you create your profile. You need to build a strong network to connect with potential candidates. 

Building a strong network is not child’s play either. Building a good profile on LinkedIn is like building a personal brand. A decent professional account works well. And your visibility in LinkedIn is the key to the magic cave of opportunities.

Things you need to know about LinkedIn.

  • Linkedin makes hiring more accessible and faster. It even allows recruiters to reach out to passive candidates. 
  • You can post the first job for free.
  • While recruiters get access to passive candidates (Linkedin states that 70% of its candidates are inactive), they might not be interested.
  • The credibility of the candidate’s endorsements is questionable. 
  • The platform is global. Learning how to use it like a pro is not very easy in case you do not know the tricks. 


SkillCounty is an India-based Talent Development & Hiring Online Ecosystem. 

Things you need to know about SkillCounty: 

  • As a baseline, you can post jobs for free, find a job, and network with your peers. 
  • For a recruiter/hiring manager, their game-changing offering is an online screening product through which you can give proctored tests to the candidates in your hiring pipeline and shortlist the stronger ones, thereby saving yourself considerable time and effort. 

These expert-designed candidate-friendly assessment tests include coding tests, personality tests, accounting tests, marketing tests, English proficiency tests, quantitative aptitude tests, verbal reasoning tests – name it, and they have it.

  • Another critical aspect of SkillCounty is the channel they have put in place from Colleges to Companies. To colleges and training institutes, they offer a Universal Placement Portal, which the placement cell can use to maintain student & company data, schedule hiring events, and network with companies. 
  • To close this loop, they assist companies looking to hire freshers and interns by allowing them to screen for candidates in these same colleges and institutes—a win-win for everyone in the ecosystem.

Monster India

Monster is a global employment website. It is one of the most trusted sites. While employers can post a job to hire suitable candidates, the job seekers can explore opportunities available and get the best job to elevate their career points.

Things you need to know about Monster. 

  • The right keywords always get you to the right candidate.
  • Monster has an excellent job posting service. You can filter questions to make sure that only the relevant candidates are applying.
  • You have the choice to block your resume from particular companies.
  • Monster also offers a helpful resource center.
  • The non-technical candidates deserve a better database.


The next step of your career growth needs a job posting site that suits your profile. Indeed might be the one for you. You can search for millions of jobs online. The interesting part includes the tools for job searches, resumes, company reviews, etc., to help you with your journey.

Things you need to know about Indeed.

  • The platform is simple and easy to use. You can get your work done without any interruptions or awkward transitions.
  • The email feature is helpful. You get the updates in your inbox.
  • The layout may not seem aesthetically pleasing.


Naukri is an employment website based in India and the middle eastern regions. The new and updated Naukri mobile app helps you get going with your job search and makes your journey smoother.

Things to know about Naukri.

  • The platform is a bit inclined towards the IT sector.
  • You would come across plentiful companies that are not very well-known.
  • Employers can explore the global talent pool.


Glassdoor is an exciting platform where current and former employees can review the companies. You are also allowed to anonymously submit and view salaries and apply for the job listings. Candidates can research industry salaries, benefits, interview tips, etc.

Things you need to know about Glassdoor.

  • The organizations are rated based on several factors. Job seekers can research before applying.
  • The platform lacks advanced search options.
  • Glassdoor is relatively more expensive than other paid sites.


TimesJobs is also an Indian employment website. Operating in India and the Middle East, TimesJobs is currently one of the most well-known job posting portals.

Things to know about TimesJobs.

  • The platform is simple and easy to use.
  • There are a variety of options to choose from.
  • Many job postings are scams.


Quikr is more of an online marketplace and advertising platform in India. You can find blue-collar jobs and listings in over 1000 cities in categories including mobile phones, cars, households, etc.

Things to know about Quikr.

  • All kinds of blue-collar jobs are available. You can have numerous choices.
  • They deliver client-focused solutions, resulting in a long-lasting relationship.
  • They are very aware of transactions, sales, etc.

Unpaid job portals to help you begin:


Joble is a free phone messaging-driven job portal. Posting jobs feels like posting on Twitter, with minimum characters and more focus on the content. Thus, posting job requirements are clean and help the candidates cut through the noise. You can find blue-collar jobs in India at Joble.

Things to know about Joble.in

  • All kinds of jobs are available, including  blue-collar jobs.
  • Jobs are like tweets, thus, focused and detailed.
  • The platform is new with lesser competition.


Hirist is a job portal exclusively for technology geeks. They feature one of the best jobs in this field. Their app empowers our job search as it gives us all the tools to explore our possibilities and apply to our dream tech job.

Things to know about Hirist.

  • Hirist is exclusively for tech geeks.
  • The job listings are best-picked.
  • People from no other fields can apply.


Internshala is a platform directed to interns and startups seeking freshers for their team. Being a number one internship and training platform, Internshala offers candidates more than 4000 paid internships.

Things to know about Internshala:

  • The site provides you internships in various fields ranging from Engineering and MBA to arts and media.
  • The online training section helps the candidates develop new skills before they apply to the next dream company.
  • You should be beware of scams. 

Can social media be a job portal for you?

Your social media account can be your personal brand. While grooming your social media profiles can look like wasting time, a company can increase its online visibility meanwhile. If you don’t promote your brand, how would people know? LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook are free sites that help you showcase your professional game.

Once you successfully create a brand, get the word out next time you want to recruit someone. Investing time and energy eventually pays off.

It would help if you explored a lot before you end up with a good job posting site. While people looking for jobs need a site that provides tools for them to get it easy, employers need a user-friendly platform too. 

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