Let’s start with a fundamental question. What is Marketing? Imagine that you own a company. How would people know about your company and its products? You need to promote them. Marketing is briefly the action of promotion. It also includes market research and advertising. The New York Times described the word ‘Marketing’ as “the art of telling stories so enthralling that people lose track of their wallets.”

So, what is digital marketing?

It’s 2021. Where do you find yourself the most active? I know most of you are going to name one of the social media platforms. So, if you want to let people know about your services, what would be the best way to promote your brand? 

Digital marketing is the way of marketing through digital channels. This way, you can advertise through search engines, websites, social media, mobile apps, email, etc.

What kind of work do you need to do as a digital marketer?

“Old ways do not open new doors.” You need to change with time, not just to fit in but to tame the game. Thus, the traditional ways of marketing are not enough to establish your brand anymore.

The traditional methods of marketing take a step back as the field gets more digitalized. “Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) data revealed that by 2021, it expected 829 million Indians (59% of the population) to use the internet daily.” But, how can you benefit from that? 

The company needs promotion. One of the most effective ways of advertising right now is through digital channels. Who can help them with that? So, they would need a digital marketer. That’s where you step in.

What makes this career interesting?

According to Placement India’s data, digital marketing professionals’ demand was estimated to be more than 20 lakhs by 2020. According to Marketing Trends 2018, McKinley, the most in-demand expertise was digital advertising (45%), content creation and curation (42%), and content strategy (39%).   Thus, there’s whooping demand. 

But, is that it? Why would you land a job that does not excite you? What makes it interesting? I am going to give you some reasons why you may consider choosing this option.

Benefits of choosing Digital marketing as a career-  

  • There’s a creative part of the job too. So, let your creativity flow, get the value for the idea you have.
  • There’s a lot of options to choose from when you look forward to picking your specialization.
  • You need excellent skills, not a particular degree.
  •  You can even work as a freelancer.
  • The industry is evolving. It would have something new for you, just as you would, for the world.
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Job roles as a Digital Marketer-

  • DMM (digital marketing manager)
  • Web Developer
  • Web Designer
  • SEO analyst/expert
  • SEM expert
  • CRO (conversion rate optimizer)
  • Content writer and content marketer
  • Email marketer
  • Brand manager
  • Social media manager

What qualifications do you need?

The field of Digital Marketing is broad. The qualifications may vary for different positions. Some may prefer a master’s degree in marketing, analytics, or any related field. But, you mostly would not need a marketing background to pursue a career in this field.

 I have already mentioned that you would not need a particular degree. But, to be good at what you do, you need to know about the field. You need to learn about how this works. For that, there are numerous courses available on the internet. Get hold of them, get the best at what you are doing, and then get going. It is your time to show the world what you got.

Let us look at the comments from people who do this-

Who can help you the most in choosing a field? I believe that should be someone who’s already doing what you want to do. I organized an interview with Shaik Subhani, Digital Marketing Executive of SkillCounty.

  •  How did you come to know about your career path?

I started blogging to earn money through AdSense in my graduation itself. After completing my graduation, I joined the digital marketing course because it is closely related to what I have done for blogging. The study led me to a deeper understanding of what I need to know to choose digital marketing as my career path.

  • Why did you choose digital marketing as your career?

For digital marketing, we do not need prior IT skills or any coding kind of stuff. Anyone with a good understanding of the internet can handle it very well. And now, in the digital world, every business needs a digital marketing team to build its brand presence. This situation creates more job openings for all kinds of job levels in this field.

  • Did your career option change you in any way?

Yes, for sure. It leads me to achieve my career short term goal much quickly and hopefully looking for long-term. It helps me to get the job I want to do, get done quicker.

  • What is the most fun part of your job?

For this section, I would say the more fun part was you can beat your competitors, even any big organization with good optimizing skills. So, it can provide an equal chance to win the competitive race for any kind of organization.

  • If someone is considering becoming a digital marketer, what would you like to let him know?

For this, the candidate must know how to operate the internet. They also need to choose a digital marketing course with some good institutes. Another way can be to try and achieve certification from google in google ads. And again, regularly follow SEO influencers on Twitter and follow digital marketing journals like SEO round table, SEJournel, etc.

To conclude, I would want you to take things simply. This blog is a guide and does not intend to persuade you to take up Digital Marketing as your career path. After you read this one, go through every other blog you come across unless you get a clear idea of what you want to do. For the people who are excited about this field, brace yourself up and get going.

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