Joble is the “Twitter for jobs” in India. How cool does that sound? Recruiters can post to hire employees just like you do when you tweet. As the job posts a limited to 250 characters, they can focus on what they want from the candidates. 

So, no more of coming across unqualified candidates and wasting time or energy. The interested candidates get identified by using the sophisticated algorithm that leverages AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Now, why Joble?

Joble is your free job posting site. It is simple, thus, easy to use. It is a free phone messaging driven job portal. Recruiters can post jobs for free, connect with candidates and recruiters directly through messaging. This feature helps them be sure before they hire staff. 

So, the most straightforward answer to what Joble does is-

  • It helps the candidates find a job.
  • It lets recruiters post about job vacancies and connects with them so that you can hire the right fit.
Designed by Ankita Oberoi.

What are the features that make finding a job or the right employee so easy?

  • The recruiters can post about job vacancies for free.
  • The candidates can apply for free.
  • OTP would verify all candidates and recruiters, so there is less chance of fraud.
  • You can post jobs like tweets.
  • The features of hashtagging and search enabled hashtags makes it more functional.
  • There’s a feature of automatic geolocation.
  • You have a web app that you can install on all platforms.
  • The one-click job application for the candidates makes it time-saving.

How to use Joble?

For Candidates:

  • Open
  • Click on the Find A Job button.
  • You can also use the search button for customizing according to your requirements.
  • Check out the jobs and if one of them interests you, click on the apply button for the one-click apply.
  • If you want to look for the status of the job you applied for, click on the ‘applied jobs’ section.

For Recruiters:

  • Create a profile on
  • You should log in to post a job.
  • There’s a Post To Hire button below the screen. Click on that.
  • Post about the job here.
  • If you want an overview of the candidates who applied for the job, view the ‘view applicant’ section.
  • To view the status of the jobs you have posted, a section called ‘my posted jobs.’ 

How is it different from other job portals?

The concept in itself is innovative. Almost everyone uses Twitter, so the format of posting the job is not very tiring. As the postings are limited to 250 characters, recruiters can point out what they want precisely for the job. 

It is easy for job seekers to scan multiple job listings since the job descriptions are concise and focused. They do not miss any recruiter trying to reach or any notifications since it is SMS driven. The feature that allows recruiters to connect with the candidates directly adds to the smooth yet effective hiring process. 

Confirming the identities via OTP minimizes the chance of fraud. Not only is it easy for the recruiters, but the hashtagging also makes it easier for the candidates to search for jobs.

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