Didn’t the buzz around Tesla’s Indian debut already start last year? The news feels so surreal. Tesla’s award-winning electric vehicles look as if they are from a different world. Well, did you know about the Tesla Roadster in the Earth’s orbit? 

People were overwhelmed when Tesla’s Indian venture became the news. Ready to welcome the company that is making history, Indians even started dreaming of landing a job in the iconic tech company. Even when Elon Musk hinted at the plan to launch the world’s biggest EV company, there was an outstanding response.

Designed by Ankita Oberoi.

After many speculations, Elon Musk’s Tesla successfully set up its office in Bengaluru while the plan’s details remain elusive.  After the news reports about the launch came out, Elon Musk even reacted to the news with a tweet. People are looking forward to the venture and what lies next.

According to the Times of India, the data showed that the company, registered in the name of Tesla India Motors and Energy Private Limited, is located at Lavelle Road in Bengaluru’s Central Business District (CBD) on January 8. Karnataka’s Chief Minister confirmed that Karnataka would be leading our nation’s journey towards Green mobility. Though Karnataka Industries minister Jagadish Shettar said that this is just a first step and there is no clarity on their next plan, we can hope for the best.

It may take some time to materialize. However, according to the speculations, the first launch should be its entry-level offering, the Model 3 Sedan. The most affordable and best-selling product from Tesla is model 3. Setting its foot in the country’s technology hub, Tesla has already appointed three directors: Vaibhav Taneja, Venkatrangam Sreeram, and David Jon Fonstein.

As India is also aiming to expand its EV market, this seems like a great opportunity. In July 2020, Tesla reportedly surpassed Toyota as the most profitable automobile company in the world. Tesla has set its market in Europe, Japan, the US, Singapore, Australia, and China. Now that India’s name gets included in the list, we can only look forward to the best.

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