“Content isn’t ‘stuff we write to rank higher’ or ‘info graphics’ or ‘long-form articles.’

Content is anything that communicates a message to the audience.”

— Ian Lurie, CEO, Portent, Inc.

When was the last time you came across the phrase ‘Content is King’? Just a second ago, in the first sentence, right? Every time you attempt to read about ‘writing better content’, you come across this phrase. But, what do you do after creating a piece of engaging content? 

What is ‘Content Marketing’?

Sharing content that is relevant and informative to your target audience is ‘marketing’ your content. Therefore, as you must be wondering if you are already doing that, we should jump to the next question. Are you marketing your content properly? 

Why should you invest in ‘content marketing’?

Your content, if marketed well, can create your brand equity. Your goal is to use your area of expertise and be a thought leader. In addition, you would help others improve themselves in that particular area.

What is Content Strategy?

Now, you know about the significance of content marketing. Do you have a plan? To get going with ‘Content Marketing’, you need to plan out ways. The plan that would help you to educate, inform and inspire your readers, rather turning the strangers into your fans and fans in to customers can be referred to as your ‘Content Strategy’.

What steps should you follow?

  • Vision– why are you writing about it?
  • Who are the audience you target to reach?
  • Ideation
  • In-depth look at the content

What are the metrics for content’s success?

  • Conversions- goals.
  • Sharing- links, mention.
  • Engagement– increase time on site and page.
  •  Consumption- page visits.

What are the different forms of content marketing?

  •  Written.

One of the most well-known forms of content marketing is ‘Written’.

With the abundance of this form, the need of strategic content keeps on increasing. People look for more unique and creative pieces rather than ‘all among the lot’.

It is when you write about relevant topics. Though there are numerous numbers of written content right now, each has different categories and tones. The unique idea you put forward as a thought leader helps you get your lot of like-minded audience.

The forms of written content are-

1.    Blog.  

2.  Articles.

3.   Copywriting.

4.  Email.

5.   Newsletter.

  •   Podcasting.

The audio word of content marketing is recently dominated by ‘Podcasting’. Podcasting has a relatively small market when compared to the written form of content. When someone listens to a podcast, they can continue doing anything they want and still get the information you want to pass along. Why do you think ‘podcasts’ are getting so much attention now? Leave your views in the comment section.

  •    Video marketing (Vlogging)

To conclude, Content Marketing is something very basic yet important. Your content might be the best; you need to make it stand among the rest. Your strong market plan can make that happen.

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