Why do you think your perfect resume does not get you the reactions you expected? One of the reasons must be the ATS. To pass the ATS challenge, we need to optimize our resumes. 

So, what is an ATS?

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is an electronic gatekeeper that handles your hiring and requirement process. It acts as a database for you. Posting a job, to making an offer, ATS tracks the overall activities.

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What are the ways to make your resume pass the ATS challenges?

1. Not using images

ATS can not read graphics and breaks down the information, sorting it into readable categories. Thus, it will lower the overall score.

2. Taking care of the typos

Resumes are essential. We must stress the importance of grammatical accuracy. While grammatical mistakes or misspelled words used to make your resume look unprofessional, it can now decrease your chances to get the job if the ATS can not locate the keywords. It would be best if you avoid any mistakes.

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3. Avoiding the special characters

It gets more challenging for the ATS to read your information. Too many special characters can be confusing. Use bullets as pointers and keep it simple.

4. Giving a bit more importance to the skills section

ATS looks for certain words that talk about technical and specialized skills, especially industry-specific ones. Read the job description for the keywords.

5. Keeping the contact information on the top

ATS review resumes traditionally. So, it is better not to try creative formatting. 

6. Using relevant information

Don’t let the ATS lower your scores due to irrelevant information. Keep your descriptions short and informative. 

7. Not choosing cool but confusing fonts.

Choose readable fonts. Do not use multiple fonts or sizes in your resumes.

With technology getting the upper hand in every industry, we have to be more aware than before. Knowing how to keep up is essential to keep going. While it makes screening resumes easier for a recruiter, the applicant has to be more aware of the resume’s content. If you are looking for a job or internship, try SkillCounty. It can be the right match for you.

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