No, you should not be. If you have setup a test that makes reasonable demands on the time and energy of your candidates, then the assessment is doing what it is designed to do – save you & the candidate time, energy and $$$. From, your perspective, the whole idea behind of an assessment is to zero in on the capable and committed candidates and the assessment is doing just that.

Think about it, if they cared even minimally about this opportunity and were interested in being a part of your company or on your team, wouldn’t they give the assessment? You are essentially weeding out candidates who are hunting without even the slightest intent of changing jobs and hence, they are not willing to make an investment. They will come in apply, interview and just walk away when given an offer, thus everyone’s wasting time and energy in that process.

An assessment tells you a lot about the candidate and it also directly or indirectly informs the candidate about the company, it’s culture and the role itself. So when a candidates decides not to take or finish a test, it is very likely that from the test the candidate could tell that something about this role/company/timing is not working for them. In the end, this decision, saves both you and the candidate precious time and energy.

Let’s take an example, from my own personal experience. There was once a company recruiter that approached me and then asked me to give an assessment. I did like the company and the role but I had a lot going on in my life at that time. Luckily, the company was very flexible, which is not surprising given my seniority and the specific expertise this role required. So even though, the timing was far from perfect, I still managed to give the assessment because, though miniscule, there was net interest in the opportunity. Then I made the interviews and I even joined the company.

So, don’t worry if the candidates are dropping out of the assessment. If you have made the effort to craft a thoughtful assessment that is respectful of your candidates, the assessment is only bringing you closer to finding the right talent for your company or team.

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