It’s tougher to restart a career now when the competition is so high. Do you think so? I do not. Yes, it is challenging. But, what are the challenges you can be facing? You are not up to date. For that, you need to do what needs to be done. Find some relevant courses and get updated. Invest in your skills. Once you have mastered the skills, find some internship opportunities that you can gain experience from. Let’s discuss briefly the ways people restart their careers after a break.

Designed by Ankita Oberoi.

5 ways people restart their career after a break:

  • Join as an intern in a Startup.

Startups have great opportunities for everyone. If you know what you are good at and love to experiment, startups are a great platform. You can join as an intern and get going.

  • Join ‘returnship’ programs.

Returnship programs act as an internship. It can act as a bridge to get back to your job. Companies recruit on a temporary basis. They assess your skills and train you so that you can catch up and upgrade yourself.

  • It’s okay to be vulnerable.

Transparency is a quality. People appreciate genuine people. This may feel scary, but being very honest, talk about your challenges and ask for help whenever needed. 

  • Volunteer for a while.

Volunteering can also be a way to upgrade yourself. Not only you get a chance to learn new skills, but also helps you shift to a new sector if you want to. 

  • Do your research. Be prepared.

The world is moving on fast. The job scene has changed too. Do your research to know what is different and be ready to unlearn and relearn. Take online courses, get certifications and maybe, get a degree- show that you have taken a consistent effort to stay updated. 

Comments from the person who went through it:

I had interviewed Shikha Borkar from SkillCounty, she had an 8 years break before she restarted her career.

  • What are the challenges that you faced while restarting the career after a break?

I had taken almost eight years of a career break. Before that, I was in the marketing and sales domain. We all know that every day new technologies are invented, recent marketing trends are coming, etc. So within these eight years, lots of things have changed. The main challenges I was facing were:

First, knowledge and skills- 

For example, the marketing and sales techniques that were used eight years before are now outdated.

Second, there were very few or no job portal for women on a career break. Even if women got jobs, they had to compromise with salary packages. Either they joined on the low or same box they were getting before the break.

  • How did you overcome that?    

First, I updated my knowledge and skills by studying and taking up relevant marketing courses ( I had done digital marketing courses and web designing).

Second, there were few or no job portal sites for women on a career break before some years. But, now, many sites have come like Internshala. 

Through these, you can get to know about various opportunities that match their abilities. Many companies have started second career programs for women. These programs, along with the job portals sites, play an essential role. They give updates and helps in finding jobs. Likewise, one of these portals I apply to Skillcounty as an intern to use my knowledge and time and can boost my career in the future.

  • Do you have a piece of advice for anyone who wants to restart their career but are afraid of the pace?          

My advice to anyone on break will be:

First, always keep updating your knowledge and skills in whichever field you are like by taking up courses.

Second, take out 3-4hours every day and do work from home or a part-time job or internship that will help you in the future.

Restarting a career may have gotten tougher due to the competition. But, you have a thousand ways to master your craft. And, that’s what you need. Confidence is the answer to your success. Some may ask you to ‘fake it till you make it’. I would not. What will help you become more and more confident is brushing up your skills and learning. So, look for the best courses for yourself and get going.

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