In this pandemic hit world, We developers despite being working from home are still struggling to take out time for our families, our hobbies etc. We are all working extra hours to avoid being that person who is laid off, or maybe we love our job and its our passion.

Whatever the reason it maybe, Here’s a list of some powerful tools which will enable you to save lots of time and/or be more productive.

1. PowerToys

Microsoft PowerToys is the swiss army knife in the world of productivity tools. Its also Open Source, Yes! Microsoft and Open-Source! You read that right. Its currently in Beta version. You can get PowerToys from here. PowerToys has several features like

  • Color Picker : Just press Win + Shift + C to open color picker anywhere. It shows both #color-code and RGB values.
  • Keyboard Manager : Forget the days, when you downloaded third party application just to remap keys. Thanks to PowerToys you can now trust that it is safe to use.
  • Image Resizer : Lets you Quickly resize image.
  • Power Rename : Hah! Didn’t you always miss this feature in File Explorer. Now you don’t have to. This tool enable you to bulk rename files, very useful for data scientists and artists.
  • PowerToys Run : If you thought Microsoft Run was lame and did not utilize its full potential, You would not be alone. PowerToys now lets you search through installed quicker than anything else. Just press Alt + Space and search the application by its name.
  • Shortcut Guide : If like me you keep forgetting the shortcuts, you just have to remember one. PowerToys can bring up the shortcut guide to remind you what you need.

2. Pocket

It is one the best tool I have ever ran across. This tool allows you to save any page and enables you to read it on any device. Now you may argue that my browser from 2018 already has this feature “It can sync my bookmark” you would say.

I get it, But first of all, it has cross browser feature, You just need to install the extension in the browser you need and login. You will get an icon somewhere on your browser navigation saying “Save to Pocket”. That’s it. It has dedicated application on Android and IOS which you can get from their respective stores.

Also it has feature to save the content permanently if you are afraid if the content may get removed for some reason.I can’t insist more, Just start using it already.

And it has Dark Mode!

3. Terminal

Did you know Microsoft Released a trailer for their brand new Terminal??? If yes, There are big chances that you are already using it. If No, then you will soon start using it soon after you know its features.

Most Developers love terminals, and why not? Terminal has added advantage over GUI, which I am not gonna discuss here. But leave a link for you to read.

Microsoft already had PowerShell and CMD, then why create a third CLI tool, Unless they knew that Both CMD and PowerShell sucks and are eye-sore.

Terminal is designed to be the all in one destination for all your CLI needs. You need to ssh into a remote host and want Terminal to remember the settings or You want want to run your WSL or run Git Shell. You can do it here. Since, it is designed for programmers, to change the settings and/or to add a new shell you need to get your hands dirty with JSON, which is pretty straight forward.

Overall Terminal is a great tool to have. Get Terminal here.

4. Chocolatey

If you have worked in Linux before, you know, How it feels to install packages and tools from Command Line. Well, with chocolatey you can do just that in Windows. Not just installing, But it also helps you keep your third party software in system updated.

You can download Chocolatey from here. They have good resources which you can access from here.

5. Snip And Sketch

No links for installation here. If you have updated Windows 10, you already have it. And you are probably already are asking why Microsoft are redoing it again? They had Snipping already, and it worked fine.

Except, Snipping Tool was not fast enough for this screenshot sharing world. Meet “Snip and Sketch“(if you haven’t already). The most powerful feature Snip and Sketch provides out of the box is you just press Win + Shift + S and you can start snipping. Once you select the area to snip, it directly store the image to clipboard, no need to save it to share.
For services like Slack, Whatsapp Web, Discord, and many more you can just paste in the conversation to share. No need to save the file. And if you need to save it just in case. just click on the notification it generates after snipping.
I don’t miss Snipping Tool anymore, And neither will you!

“It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.”

Clive James, (Broadcaster and Journalist)

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