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Set a bar, and that’s it. Our assessments will help you hire the best fit.

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Our Assessment Marketplace & SkillCounty Question Library range across a broad collection of disciplines and are created by experts. You dont have to think, just pick our questions to create your tests. And in a just a few steps, you are all setup and ready to go.

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SkillCounty enables faster searches of candidates

We make professional assessments affordable for everyone and streamline the hiring process for any size business. Straight out the box, we are cheaper and easier to use than any other solution in the market.

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Scaling SkillCounty is easy and simple

We are made for scale. So, you interview, screen and evaluate as many candidates as you want. So whether you are conducting a 100 interviews or testing a 1000 candidates a day we are ready for you

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SkillCounty eliminates cheating and hiring bias

We provide features like selective masking to curtail bias. Our advanced proctoring capabilities ensure that you can rely on our score. You can monitor and review candidate activity and get detailed reports on it.

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Types of Questions at SkillCounty

mcq question

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Coding Test & Coding Interview made EASY

Hire experts for the job by measuring the candidate's technical skills. We have
sophisticated tools to coding tests, coding and technical design interviews

Pair Programming
As developers, your hires do not just write codes. They plan, discuss and execute.Write code together and get to test their collaborative and communication skills through code pairing.

SkillCounty Question library

Our library covers a wide variety of topics & job roles. Plus, we are constantly
adding more. You can create a test using our questions in under 1 min. It is

What's New!

SkillCounty Marketplace

SkillCounty Assessment marketplace holds assessments for a wide range of subjects sourced from external subject matter experts so you can directly leverage them for your hiring or craft your own assessments using these as reference.